Why Ford stock may pop another 10 percent

Why Ford stock may pop another 10 percent

Wall Street is not an explosion of 93% in the value of the Ford stock this year, they stop to stake out additional gains as the automaker continues to eradicate and eliminate a large number of new electric vehicles.

The results of Q3, Ford stock

Ford stock “The results of Q3 was solid the benefit of the restructuring of the highest margin products to show the world and still many catalysts, including to see the recovery of production, as it initiated the production capacity back, and more updates Argo AI, and new products released, “said Wells Fargo analyst Colin Langan in a note to clients on Thursday after the release of Fords earnings.

Langan went to his target price on Ford to $ 19 from $ 17, projecting about 10% from current levels. Keep eligible to share overweight actions (buying equivalent). The accumulation of Ford’s accumulation reflects the current change in the company under CEO Jim Farley. Ford stock adjusted revenue by the third quarter of Wednesday night of 51 cents to a participation, nonsense of analysts for 27 cents. Net sales of $ 33.2 billion projections of Beat analysts at about $ 800 million despite the crisis production levels of semiconductor scarcity.

Ford now sees the adjusted profits

Ford stock, during the full year, Ford now sees the adjusted profits of $ 10.5 billion to $ 11.5 billion. Previously, Ford expected profits of $ 9 billion to $ 10 billion. Ford stock The company also joined their dividend cutting at the pandemic in 2020. The actions of Ford increased by 9% on Thursday in the negotiation session. The stock was most of the day the ticker of the best trend in the Yahoo Finance platform. In a call with analysts, Farley hit an upward tone on the potential of new models in 2022, such as electric Ray F-150 and Maverick Hybrid collection.

“2021 continues to develop better than initially expected, with positive improvements and surprises, especially in cash, with a restored dividend. FY 21 EBIT adjusted [earnings before interest, tax] orientation increases 15% and 13% over consensus. A look at a look at a little early in 2022, with a 10% cautious volume show, but more optimistic than GM on products, mix and price, “said Mr. Ford stock, Philippe Houchois the analyst of Jefferies. Houchois Has its target price in Ford actions at $ 17 of $ 15 and retain a purchase rating.

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